Mary Poppins

Darby had the opportunity to go see "Mary Poppins" on Broadway when it came here to L.A. She went with her achievement day girls from church and their leader! She was so excited that day! She took a nap because she knew they would be out late! They didn't get home til after midnight and she couldn't stop talking about the play because she was so excited! She looked so grown up when she got all dressed and ready! I'm so proud of what a big girl she is becoming! (I just need to figure out how to get the red eye off my camera so she doesn't look like a vampire! I guess vampires are "in" right now!


Chubz said...

So cute! I remember whenever Olivia saw a play or movie she would decide that she wanted to now be whatever the main character was. She watched a gymnastics movie and wanted to be a gymnast...one day she saw the movie Radio...with Cuba Gooding Jr. as the mentally handicapped boy...she came up to me and started in with, "Mom, I want to..." I started to crack up...and said, "not to be handicapped Olivia?" She said, "NO, I want to help them." Little girls are so fun! We still laugh about that and I think she was about Darby's age...

Susan said...

I miss my Darby! She looks sooo grown up here!! What a fun activity.
Please tell Darby how wonderful she is and please give her a big hug for me.
(I miss you all!)