Rat Babies

I said I would NEVER be the mom who let her kids dress in miss -matched clothes, wear pants that were too small to church with white socks or no socks, and have dirty shirts! EVER! Well now I understand why sometimes that happens! Dash put on pants that I thought would fit and he was very proud. White socks. Tennies. Church. I tried to fight it but I had to let it go. Next week the pants were gone and I learned a lesson to not judge when I see kids with dirty faces, runny noses, clothes too small. Sometimes it is just an over look on mommies part or letting her kids be grown up! I wish my kids were NEVER "rat babies" but alas sometimes we are all a little "Rat baby"!

Dirty face! You can't see her rat baby hair but she wouldn't let me fix it or take it out so we had to go to the store this way so it didn't get to late to go at all! (yes we did go in jammies)
Tanner was the only one this day not being a rat baby! These pants are too small for Dash and even though we were just going to the park, I had to let it go and get rid of them after the park!
There is no excuse for this Rat baby because she has parents that get her dressed. All I can say is daddy! I wish you could see her dirty sand eating face better! True Rat baby at it's best! (I think the pants and shirt are 2 different shades of pink too!) Nice hair! ?
The only reason this dude is a rat baby is because he is eating candy before breakfast and I think he is only wearing a t-shirt! (JUST a t-shirt!) This is after I washed his face!

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