more confessions of an unbalanced woman!

More confessions....

#1 I think I am a "go with the flow" kind of girl but I really get uptight when plans change. I wish I didn't but I really like a good plan.
#2 I want to live in the now but I am always planning the next thing. I don't want to live by "events" in life but rather day by day. I will have to work on that....hard.
#3 I love to read. Vampire books are my favorite. Cheesy I know. Lets be honest though, vampires are sexy!
#4 I am mad at Brandon all day when he is a jerk in my dreams. On the flip side though, I can love him to pieces when he is super romantic in a dream too. (It is usually not in his favor though and you will often hear him say "Dream Brandon is a jerk!")
#5 I hate being late! I am more late now than I have ever been. Having 4 kids is hard. Sometimes I think I can do something really fast but in the back of my head I think I know it will take longer. I am going to be better because being late is just rude!
#6 I bake amazing chock chip cookies! No really! Not all my stuff is good, but I have those down to a science!
#7 I overcook chicken EVERY TIME! I am afraid of it being raw so I over cook it. Poor Brandon. We have a lot of chicken with sauce.
#8 I love buying things in bulk. It makes me feel safe. Weird. Like if the poop hits the fan we will ALWAYS have enough paper towels, juice boxes and ketchup. It also makes me feel a little bit like a horder. Scary.
#9 I spelled towels wrong in #8 and my 10 year old corrected it. I am a horrible speller!

more confessions later.....


We told our kids that they could all have 20$ to spend at Disney. (That's not a lot at Disney mind you!) Juliet got a cute little cat from the movie Aristocats! She LOVED it! Hugs and kisses!
Here is how she finally crashed. Asleep at last! Yes she is on her knees in the back of the stroller.
Darby and Dash waiting for Daddy and Max to come out of the Indiana Jones ride. They did not want to ride. Too scary! But because of Disney's wait with the baby passes Max got to ride with me again right after! It was good he did because I was scared!

We didn't get to spend a lot of time in Adventure Land but there were a lot of rides for little kids Juliet's age. We went on a couple before it closed and we went back to the main park!

Goofy daddy!

It's a small world~ You will have the song stuck in your head for a while but it is a great ride to rest your feet and tons of fun things to see!

Bug's Life!

My favorite picture of the day! The tea cup ride!
They were trying to make a plan on how they would get the sword out!
Keep trying!
This was a SUPER FUN RIDE! They have 2 Toy Story rides and they are both really fun! The one in Adventure Land is worth the wait in line!


When we went to Disney I dressed my kids in the same colors. That way I can see them at a glance AND we wanted them to get picked for the Star Wars thing! Miss Natalie said that they needed to be noticeable to be picked. I found these cute shirts that were BRIGHT and NOTICEABLE! Needless to say they all got picked! First Max then Dash and Darby when we went back a second time. It was amazing! You will see their jedi training in future posts!

DIsney Land Here we Come!

We have ALWAYS wanted to take our kids to Disney. With a family of 6 we knew it was going to cost a bundle just to get in the park! We had just started saving when the Sanfords came to stay with us for their Disney trip. They had hopper passes and before they left they gave us their last day on their passes! WHAT!!!!! We were sooooo excited! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! We didn't tell the kids that we were going. We told them we were taking daddy to work and they were going to be late for school! It was soooooo much fun when they figured it out! SO the next 5 billion posts will be for our Disney day trip! I am thinking that next year we will need to save for season passes because 1 day is just not enough. I am forever grateful for the Sanfords and their sweetness and thoughtfulness that made it possible for our first Disney Trip! We LOVE YOU GUYS! Standing in line for our first ride! DUMBO! I love that at Disney Land everyone gets to play. There were tons of rides that Juliet could go on and if you had to wait with her while the others went on a ride they let you skip to the front so you get to go too!

More Disney to come.........

GG Ma and G Pa

When we were in Utah this summer we visited MY granny and gramps. My kids call them GG Ma and GG pa! They are so cute with them and love having the kids there! Max was so concerned about my Grandpa's oxygen. He asked him tons of questions. It was really cute to see him so worried. My granny has the ugliest dog know to man. She has an underbite and is too skinny. I claimed the dog when my grandparents can't take care of her. As ugly as she is she is an amazing dog and loves the kids.
Juliet loved being there! She thought she was the big Cheese!
My granny has this bedroom set that I have wanted since I was like 12. One day she told me if I wanted it so bad to go put my name on the back of it and I could have when she died. WHAT? That became a joke and now you can to my granny's house and look on the back of pictures and furniture and see names on masking tape. It is funny in a morbid sort of way! Nothing makes you madder to see another cousins name on something you want though! :) I told granny I can't put tape on her dog but I for sure get that ugly thing!
This was Juliet later that day. It was the fourth of July. I thought she looked so cute in her shades. She got a new Barney and wouldn't let it out of her site. She is the only one of my kids that went through a Barney phase (thank Heavens) and we are almost out of it. (only to move on to an equally annoying phase of Elmo....maybe not equally annoying).

only with Nana and Papa

ONLY with Nana and Papa do you get to eat the ice cream by your self. The only problem with that is when they are not around then she thinks she still gets to do it that way all the time. She will THROW A MAJOR FIT if she doesn't get to do something by herself. Even to the point of not wanting it at all. (You can follow our cupcake story below in an earlier post.) Just the other day she cried through an entire piece of cake because B wouldn't let her do it by herself. She didn't walk away that time. She just cried while she ate. It was pitiful.


Labor day?

So this is the other day that I don't remember. Labor day? In September or is that Memorial day? At any rate, it is a day to BBQ! We were invited to the McNulty's house! They are part of the Giles/Wilbur/Jeffords/people we call family in California!
Anna and her sister in law Emily! Emily had come up from Utah!
Betsy, Mary and Diane! My "almost" sisters and a mom away from home. (Diane is also the R.S. Pres and I get to work with her a ton! I adore her!)
Nate (Emily's hubby), Brother/Master Giles (I have a "respect crush" on him, seriously, the man is a spiritual giant genius and I adore him too), then Matt (Mary's hubby) is behind Jake, and Lee (Betsy's hubby, from England, love the accent and he is one of the most helpful kind people I know!)
Fun in the pool and the slide!

Juliet is not to sure!
Max LOVED it!
Juliet loved the pool and would "tolerate" the slide!

We had a blast with good food and good friends and it was a great way to finish the summer!

1st day of school!

We started at a new school this year! AND DASH STARTED KINDERGARTEN! He was sooooo excited! (we also moved to a new house 3 days into the new school year!) CRAZY! Here is the first day before we got to school! They all look so shiny and new!

This is my favorite picture! I think I want to frame it for their rooms. Juliet feels like a big kid. It makes me a little sad though because they have been best buddies while the other kids went to school! We are a few weeks into school now and she LOVES to go pick the kids up! She misses them and they miss her!