We told our kids that they could all have 20$ to spend at Disney. (That's not a lot at Disney mind you!) Juliet got a cute little cat from the movie Aristocats! She LOVED it! Hugs and kisses!
Here is how she finally crashed. Asleep at last! Yes she is on her knees in the back of the stroller.
Darby and Dash waiting for Daddy and Max to come out of the Indiana Jones ride. They did not want to ride. Too scary! But because of Disney's wait with the baby passes Max got to ride with me again right after! It was good he did because I was scared!

We didn't get to spend a lot of time in Adventure Land but there were a lot of rides for little kids Juliet's age. We went on a couple before it closed and we went back to the main park!

Goofy daddy!

It's a small world~ You will have the song stuck in your head for a while but it is a great ride to rest your feet and tons of fun things to see!

Bug's Life!

My favorite picture of the day! The tea cup ride!
They were trying to make a plan on how they would get the sword out!
Keep trying!
This was a SUPER FUN RIDE! They have 2 Toy Story rides and they are both really fun! The one in Adventure Land is worth the wait in line!

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Chubz said...

Juliet is sooooooo dang cute! I want to toss her off the tallest building and then jump off of it and land on her and squishhhhhhhh her cute cheeks and pull her pigtails! how do you discipline that little angel? Love her face!