Little Miss Busy Body!

So that is her name. (See flour post below or any of my walls with crayon or her arms and legs with Marker!) We bought HUGE cupcakes at Costco for some special thing for the kids. Juliet whined and cried the whole time they were in the cart because she wanted them! When it was time to eat them she FLIPPED out when I had to help her because I didn't want a HUGE mess! She wouldn't have a bite unless she could do it her self. Sorry Charlie! You don't get to have something if you throw a major fit! We were done with the cupcakes and she didn't have any. (we are both very stubborn) The cupcakes then went in the very center of our dining room table with the cover back on them. About an hour later I was in the kitchen (one room over) and realized I hadn't heard ANYTHING for about 3 minutes! I came into the dining room to find this.......

Not only one or two but THREE cupcakes! She had to quietly and VERY quickly pull the chair out (on tile) then climb on the chair to the table and quietly take the cover off THEN very quickly INHALE as much as possible before I came in!
I feel the same way about a cupcake!

She got what she wanted and I got even a bigger mess than if I would have just let her have one in the first place. 1 point Miss Busy Body! 0 points mommy!


The Peterson's said...

She is so cute! When I got on your blog Cairo kept saying my Juliet, my Juliet! Fun!

Bickmommy said...

My almost 4 year old, Levi, does the exact same things. He is very sneaky and we have had to go to all new measures to keep him out of things.