Memorial day! (Or Labor day)

I can never remember which is which! This one was in May. I think that is Memorial Day! It is one of them that you get Monday off! Mom J (Myrna) came out after Olivia's graduation to spend it with us and see the new Baby Jeremy! It was so fun to have her there and be with all of us. We had a little bbq and swim party! (It was the last one we had in that house) :(
Jamie's cute little family with Grandma Myrna. (from lt. to rt. Journey, Marilynn, Domenique, Grandma Myrna, Baby Jeremy, Jamie and Ireland)
Grandma Myrna with the her grandkids!
Snuggle time with Grandma.
The girls were so cute. They kept getting in and out of this little space. (under a bar stool)
Baby Jeremy and Grandma.
Journey with her little brother (she is getting ready to kiss him) she loves his ear lobes. (Dash used to love ear lobes too. It was the first thing he went for on a baby. He would try to be sneaky about it sometimes too.) too funny!
Kisses for baby brother!
Pool time!

Brothers with their babies!

Time for dinner!

We loved having Grandma Myrna with us. It just made us wish we could all live closer!

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