DIsney Land Here we Come!

We have ALWAYS wanted to take our kids to Disney. With a family of 6 we knew it was going to cost a bundle just to get in the park! We had just started saving when the Sanfords came to stay with us for their Disney trip. They had hopper passes and before they left they gave us their last day on their passes! WHAT!!!!! We were sooooo excited! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! We didn't tell the kids that we were going. We told them we were taking daddy to work and they were going to be late for school! It was soooooo much fun when they figured it out! SO the next 5 billion posts will be for our Disney day trip! I am thinking that next year we will need to save for season passes because 1 day is just not enough. I am forever grateful for the Sanfords and their sweetness and thoughtfulness that made it possible for our first Disney Trip! We LOVE YOU GUYS! Standing in line for our first ride! DUMBO! I love that at Disney Land everyone gets to play. There were tons of rides that Juliet could go on and if you had to wait with her while the others went on a ride they let you skip to the front so you get to go too!

More Disney to come.........

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