Happy Happy Birthday Darby Dear!

Darby turned 10! I can't believe it! It was just yesterday when she was in my tummy. She is growing up so fast it makes me want to cry! Her birthday was yesterday and her party is today! TOO much fun! Max says, "She's awesome! She's kind, Really kind."
Dash says, "She loves me. She likes to play with me and she likes me."
Juliet says, "She plays with me and does a scary monster voice and chases me! I love when she comes home from school every day she says to me 'I missed you all day!"
Mom says, "She is sooooo funny! I can trust anything she says because she always wants to choose the right. She is helpful and fun. I love that she bares her testimony and wants to get a testimony of her own!"
Daddy says, "I love her sense of humor, her compassion for others, and her desire to be a good person."
Nana says, "Whenever she is with me she makes me happy. She is kind and loving and ALWAYS willing to help me even when it's something she doesn't want to do."
Papa says, "She is a sweet sweet girl and I love her."
Callie the Cat says, "Meow, I love that she lets me sleep ACROSS her neck, Meow!"

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