Quote of the day!

So you need to keep in mind that when my Max said this he is a real video game head and will talk your ear off about Pokemons and Marios and upgrades and kits and all things game! SO with that I can tell you the story.
We watched the new Karate Kid this Saturday night as a family. There was a cute little love interest in that show. (Max had a crush on a girl in kindergarten named Mary Vu. He liked her because she played video games and only played with boys and never wore pink!) SO Brandon joked with Max and said "oohhhh that's Max's girlfriend Mary Vu!" We expected Max to say "nu uh! I don't like Mary Vu!" like he always did. That is not what my sweet boy said! he said "No way dad! That is Mary Vu "up-graded"!" Mom---- "What did you just say?" Max----- "I said, that is Mary Vu UPGRADED!"


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