Dash's 5th Birthday party!

Dash turned 5 in May! I can't believe that he is all ready in kindergarten! CRAZY! We are kind of going backwards on this post. This is the end of the day! He was so tired from his big party. He fell asleep while we were cleaning up with his Bingo dog and his new Transformer!

This is also the end of the party. The night before was our ward talent show and the boys had teamed up with another family to do a "Star Wars" rap/dance! This was their costume. I was a little worried at first but it turned out amazing! Thanks Miss Mary for letting us be a part and planning it all!

Dash and JoJo enjoying the cake!
He loves to pose for the pictures!

A big cake for a big boy!

When we asked him what kind of party he wanted he said "I want a spider man party with a pinana" (not a pinata, it was a pinana!)
Opening his gifts!
He was this excited for all his gifts!

Aunt Marilynn and Baby Jeremy!
The "pinana" had been broken and now it's time to get all the loot!

When he asked for a "pinana" I tried to deter him. I know that they are supposed to be fun but I really hate them. Give a kid a big stick and a blind fold. That's not fun. Who ever thought that was fun. Someone is bound to get hurt! BUT it wasn't my party so he got his spider man pinana! Happy Birthday my sweet boy!

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