The Tunsins!

The Tunsin family asked our family to sing at their daughters baptism! It was really special and we were so happy they asked us! It was super scary for me because I am a super good singer and I didn't want to make the rest of my family look bad! Oh wait that is not it! I can't sing and the rest of my family can! I WANT to sing better than any of them. I sometimes sing when I teach aerobics....I am the only one with the mic...they have to listen! At any rate it went really well and we were super lucky to be a part of their special day! On a side note, I just remembered singing at another baptism. I was the YW president in Florida and my brother in law had a friend from high school get baptized. It was really exciting to see all the youth there to support this cute girl. DUSTIN (brother in law) happened to live with us so he knows what a "great" singer I am! He was conducting and after she was baptized said "And now Suzy and I are going to sing 'I like to look for Rainbows' "! It took everything I had not to yell out "What the hell?" I slowly walked up to the front with wide "what the hell" eyes and sang (aCapella mind you) with my ADORABLE brother in law (who can sing)! I know you don't typically write a baptism story with the word hell in it but that is how it went down! I don't know if anyone knew that wasn't planned but I do know that no one in Florida ever asked me to sing at their baptism again. Dustin and Brandon sang at many of them. Go figure!

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