runnin through the sprinklers!

Before the pool heated up our kids would love to run through the sprinklers. (It was more like chase each other with the hose!)
Who doesn't love a good sip of water off the sidewalk?
She was FREEZING but wouldn't let us take her in! She is still crawling at this time! That is one tuff baby! Freezing cold cement knees!

Where is Max? Inside where it is not cold! He learned his lesson in November when my brother came to visit! It was around 85 degrees outside and all the kids wanted to swim. That is ok when it doesn't drop to below 50 degrees at night. The pool never gets warm that way. They insisted it was warm enough. We said ok! Max did a cannon ball into the pool! I have never seen anything so funny in my life! It was so funny I paid him a dollar to do it again so Ryeley could see! Cruel, yes. Hilarious, YES! After seeing that (twice) the kids decided to do something else! After that Max opted to stay away from the cold water until it was a nice balmy 95 degrees out! Smart boy!

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The Peterson's said...

You are posting like crazy! I love reading all about your cute family! Wish I still live a little closer to ya!