Movie in the Park with Nickelodeon

So one of the "perks" that we get for Brandon working at Nickelodeon is that they sometimes do SUPER FUN things for the family. This one is their "Movie in the Park Night"! The movie was "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory". Below is the ice cream sundae section! All you can eat by the way!
The candy and Chocolate fountains with fruit. They asked that you only take 2 boxes of candy. They were the BIG boxes so the kids thought that was amazing! It was free so I thought that was amazing!
They served dinner. The line was SUPER long! BUT THE FOOD WAS AMAZING! The executives of the company cooked all the food. I love that they did that for their employees. They also had horderves (SP?) while you stood in line! THEY WERE EVEN BETTER THAN THE DINNER!
Juice boxes and soda flowed freely! ALL THE DIET COKE YOU COULD DRINK! ahhhhh....
The movie screen on the side of the building and the super long line for dinner!
The menu!
2 of the Executives! They were all having a great time! Singing and laughing and yelling fun things out!
The ice cream sundaes. The boys were just about filled to the gills!
Time to crack open the candy!
Spongebob on the side of the building!
Darby was at a birthday party so she missed out BUT they sent home a chinese box full of candy for her! We had such a great time and I love that they take care of employees and their families! I can't wait for the Halloween party this year!

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The Peterson's said...

So fun! Owen's work does parties but it is for adults only every time. That is awesome how family friendly they are!