more confessions of an unbalanced woman!

More confessions....

#1 I think I am a "go with the flow" kind of girl but I really get uptight when plans change. I wish I didn't but I really like a good plan.
#2 I want to live in the now but I am always planning the next thing. I don't want to live by "events" in life but rather day by day. I will have to work on that....hard.
#3 I love to read. Vampire books are my favorite. Cheesy I know. Lets be honest though, vampires are sexy!
#4 I am mad at Brandon all day when he is a jerk in my dreams. On the flip side though, I can love him to pieces when he is super romantic in a dream too. (It is usually not in his favor though and you will often hear him say "Dream Brandon is a jerk!")
#5 I hate being late! I am more late now than I have ever been. Having 4 kids is hard. Sometimes I think I can do something really fast but in the back of my head I think I know it will take longer. I am going to be better because being late is just rude!
#6 I bake amazing chock chip cookies! No really! Not all my stuff is good, but I have those down to a science!
#7 I overcook chicken EVERY TIME! I am afraid of it being raw so I over cook it. Poor Brandon. We have a lot of chicken with sauce.
#8 I love buying things in bulk. It makes me feel safe. Weird. Like if the poop hits the fan we will ALWAYS have enough paper towels, juice boxes and ketchup. It also makes me feel a little bit like a horder. Scary.
#9 I spelled towels wrong in #8 and my 10 year old corrected it. I am a horrible speller!

more confessions later.....


The Peterson's said...

I am excited about your Disneyland trip! So fun! I want to take Cairo someday. I don't think you sound unbalanced, you sound like me..... Then again you might be!

Kaela said...

Hahahahaha! I swear you and I are the same person sometimes! Only, I cook chicken really well and my chocolate chip cookies are totally blah...maybe we should help a sista out?

Sharlynn said...

Wow it is crazy how much we are alike in a lot of those areas. I can relate to #4 but change the name to Andrew. :) I am also the same as you with the #5, 7, 8. 9. You are an amazing lady though! Love ya!

cheri said...

I am sooo telling Scott I'm not the only one that holds a grudge after he's a jerk in my dreams!! Dream Scott gets him in sooo much trouble.:)