Labor day?

So this is the other day that I don't remember. Labor day? In September or is that Memorial day? At any rate, it is a day to BBQ! We were invited to the McNulty's house! They are part of the Giles/Wilbur/Jeffords/people we call family in California!
Anna and her sister in law Emily! Emily had come up from Utah!
Betsy, Mary and Diane! My "almost" sisters and a mom away from home. (Diane is also the R.S. Pres and I get to work with her a ton! I adore her!)
Nate (Emily's hubby), Brother/Master Giles (I have a "respect crush" on him, seriously, the man is a spiritual giant genius and I adore him too), then Matt (Mary's hubby) is behind Jake, and Lee (Betsy's hubby, from England, love the accent and he is one of the most helpful kind people I know!)
Fun in the pool and the slide!

Juliet is not to sure!
Max LOVED it!
Juliet loved the pool and would "tolerate" the slide!

We had a blast with good food and good friends and it was a great way to finish the summer!

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The Peterson's said...

So fun! That pool looks like Cairo would love it with the slide and all! I also Love the 1st day of School Photos! Your family is so cute! We need a play date for Cairo and Juliet!