quote of the day!

So today I hear Darby yelling at Max to "GET OUT!" As I was feeding a whiny baby apple sauce and helping Dash with homework, I looked up to see Max running out of Darby's room with his undies (and only his undies) around his ankles! "MAX! COME HERE RIGHT NOW!"

Max pulled up his britches and came into the dining room. "Why did Darby just yell at you?"
Max hung his head in shame, knowing he was busted, and said "I ran into her room with toilet paper in my butt and shook it at her." "I'm sorry mom."

I was staring at him with a stern face and tears in my eyes. Not tears of sadness but I was holding in the laughter as hard as I could. (IT IS NOT FUNNY MIND YOU!) I just did NOT expect him to say THAT! SO instead of saying anything, the tears rolled down my cheeks until I could not handle it any more and I burst.....laughing.....hard! He started to laugh and through my laughter I told him, "This is NOT funny! That is really gross! (laughing laughing peeing my pants laughing) we do NOT put toilet paper in our butts and shake it at people! (laughing laughing) You are in a lot of trouble! (laughing) I am really mad! (laughing)"

No, I am not a 10 year old boy! I should NOT think that is funny! But really, it's kind of funny! If it were someone elses kid I would think it was REALLY FUNNY and REALLY GROSS and a little CREEPY! What's the punishment for toilet paper butt shaking anyway?

At any rate I never thought I would have to have that conversation with any of my kids!


Paul & Marlee said...

Oh my gosh I'm laughing so hard! I can totally see your reaction to this. Hilarious!! You need to get that toilet paper butt shaker in line!

Bickmommy said...

That is classic!! It totally sounds like something my boys would do. They do so many things that are not okay, but they are just too funny to stand.

cheri said...

Still laughing! My older girls got a kick out of that, and my 6 yr old possibly a not-so-good idea. :)

The Peterson's said...

Love It! So what did you do? Cairo does something like that. Today in fact he was pooping in my room and I asked him about it he said, "It just fell out mom!" Kids!