Juliet entertains herself!

So when I was packing to move I thought Darby had Juliet and Darby thought I had her. I got one of those mommy feelings to check on things. (It had only been about 10 minutes...or less.) This is what I came out to!

I keep my flour in a big frosting tub! She thought it would be fun to make a flour beach!
Who doesn't need this mess when you are trying to pack?
Do you even have a mommy little girl? Look at her hair! Poor poor rat baby!
A little Elmers Glue in your flour anyone?

Getting flour off your tile should be easy. I swept and swept and swept some more. Finally I just decided I liked the soft sand beach feeling until I had time to mop!

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Kaela said...

hahahahahahahaha...hold on...nope, not done, HAHAHAHHAHAHAHA!