Olivia's graduation!

We were able to go to Arizona for Brandon's nieces graduation! I can't believe she is even that old! I remember when I started dating Brandon she wasn't even 2 yet! She used to LOVE the Lion King and knew the songs so well she would even do the background noises! Brandon and I still sing the songs the way she would sing them! She used to call me bashzazshee! (long story). We didn't get to make it to see her graduate but we got to see her and spend time with family and friends. I didn't get a single photo of her and she was the reason we went out there! Oh well! Her mom (B's sister, Wendy) and Wendy's hubby, Matt (Secret Agent Man/Numbers) and baby Rocco! Whew that was a mouthful! Baby Roman was in Aunt Wendy's belly! We went to a park to hang out and play. They had a fun train that went around the park. It was SOOOOOO hot there! Az. packs some HEAT! The boys enjoyed a slushee as we rode the train!
They also had a little splash park there. Darby was at a friends house but the boys enjoyed cooling off and taking care of Juliet (who btw was still only CRAWLING!)

Big brother helping her get up!
Dash would "walk" her places so she could get around without getting water splashed in her face!
It's exhausting when you have to play!
If you can't beat em', join em'!

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