I just had to give a shout out to TKB! I was reading Chalene's blog and I realized just how much I love this format! I have met this woman, the creator of Turbo Kick and Turbo Jam. She is a great motivational speaker and looks amazing because she works at it. I love that she is a real woman with real struggles. She works hard at what she does and has made this super fun format so other real women and men can change their lives. That is one thing that attracted me to this format and teaching classes in general. I loved REAL instructors when I went to the gym. I LOVE being real in my classes. I have 4 kids and I am a little chubby still. I have to try hard not to pee my pants when I teach. My boobs don't look that great in a sports bra. It is hard to want to go to the gym and even harder to work your can off. I don't pretend that any of it is easy, just Real! I love the fitness and health journey with my friends and classes! They inspire me!

I can say with all certainty that it works if you do it. If you can't make it to the gym, just start moving. Order Turbo Jam and do it in your home. Then go to a gym if you can. Get motivated by others and have fun! Try other formats, Lift, Cycle, Aqua, Boot Camp, you can even run on a treadmill if you are boring! :) Just do it!

I didn't mean to rant about fitness...heavens know I will always have to work at it! I just really wanted to say how much I love it TKB and how fun it is! Just try it! :0 .... You could come to a class that I am subbing Nov. 10 at Sherman Oaks 24! :)


great friends

I have GREAT friends. Probably some of the very best women you will ever meet! Kim has been my friend longer than I have been married! We have even filmed having our kids for each other! I would be lost with out her! Nat and Tiff! I always say they are the friends who pick up the pieces nobody else wants to touch! That goes for almost all my friends. I know I could call any of them and they wouldn't judge me for what ever I am going through. They would listen and love me! Jennie Jo and Christina! 2 more women I could call at any hour or any day and they would be there! They have been there! I called once at 5 and left my kids with them at 9 for 4 days! Alison! Holy Moly! I have never met a more creative person and dang funny! Robin! What the heck, holy strong! What an inspiration of just doing it! Nora, I love her for just being her. She is totally real! Hilary! As far as good friends go she is one of the best. A constant in a world of inconsistency! Sharlynn! The nicest person anyone could ever meet. Totally loyal! Helen! Everyone needs an English friend! Sandee Bryson! I love someone with a contagious laugh and that laughs freely! Erin! Who doesn't want a friend that can do the worm? I love that she comes out of trials more beautifully than she went in! Courtney! Someone who never talks ill of anyone! For real! You can also talk forever to her on the phone and she will never cut you off! (Sorry Court) Jennifer E.! One of the most generous women I know! I could seriously go on and on forever with all of them. One day I want to be wealthy enough to invite all my friends for a mommy weekend and take care of and pamper them! I could go on all night naming women I love but I will leave it at that for now. Just know that I think of all of you even if I didn't name you by name! I love you and all you do for me! I really do have the best friends ever!


Happy Happy Birthday Darby Dear!

Darby Hannah ....

Today is Darby's 9th birthday! I can't believe she is all ready 9 ! I know I just announced that I was pregnant with her and that we were having a girl. She is so much fun and brings so much light to our family! Happy Birthday Darby!
I asked everyone something they liked about Darby!
Max: "I like that she is really nice and friendly and shares all her things and her petshops."
Dash: "I like her heart and she is fashion. " (I have no idea where he gets this stuff)
Juliet: "I love that she plays with me and makes me laugh all the time! She can hold me and change my diaper. I am excited to share a room with her one day!"
Daddy:"I love her quirky sense of humor and her independent spirit, especially when it comes to making right choices."
Mommy:"I love that she never waivers when it comes to choosing the right. She always brings people up and never drags them down. Anyone who has Darby as a friend is lucky because she is fiercely loyal and loves you deeply! She is also a super good speller! "
Callie the cat: "Meow" = "I love her"
Happy Birthday beautiful girl!


Crazy Dayz!

So October is flying by soooo fast! I am trying to enjoy all of it but December is coming hard and fast. That is the month we have to know where we are going. Stay here in California for another 6 months or head back to Texas. I am pretty torn! (Mostly for my hubby....he loves it here... I love being closer to family!:)

I just wanted to post some cute things about my babies! The other night we were at the table and my sweet Darby is so concerned about her friends at school. A lot of them swear and she just can NOT handle it! We have tried ignoring it and asking them not to say those words to her but it really really bothers her. I just don't know what to do for her. Max went on to tell me that he never ever swears! Never does he say the "L" word. ???? I had to ask.... "Liar liar pants on fire!" Whew! Sorry I made you say it Max. Then he went on to say he heard the "F" word. I held my breath.... "Faker faker donut maker"! Holy Moly! Then he told me never ever does he say the "CH" word...."Cheater cheater pumpkin eater!" Of course the "S" words "stupid" and "shut-up"! I am so glad that my kiddos are that sweet!

Darby also had to print some goals for Drug Free week! First you had to name what you wanted to do: " I want to be a zoo ceper" Then she had to list 5 steps to get there.
Step 1 : Get some animals
Step 2: Practice
Step 3: Get hired
Step 4: Tell them my terms
Step 5: Start!

She cracks me up! I can't believe that she is turning 9 this Thursday! I sure do love them!