Happy Happy Birthday Darby Dear!

Darby Hannah ....

Today is Darby's 9th birthday! I can't believe she is all ready 9 ! I know I just announced that I was pregnant with her and that we were having a girl. She is so much fun and brings so much light to our family! Happy Birthday Darby!
I asked everyone something they liked about Darby!
Max: "I like that she is really nice and friendly and shares all her things and her petshops."
Dash: "I like her heart and she is fashion. " (I have no idea where he gets this stuff)
Juliet: "I love that she plays with me and makes me laugh all the time! She can hold me and change my diaper. I am excited to share a room with her one day!"
Daddy:"I love her quirky sense of humor and her independent spirit, especially when it comes to making right choices."
Mommy:"I love that she never waivers when it comes to choosing the right. She always brings people up and never drags them down. Anyone who has Darby as a friend is lucky because she is fiercely loyal and loves you deeply! She is also a super good speller! "
Callie the cat: "Meow" = "I love her"
Happy Birthday beautiful girl!


cheri said...

October birthday's ROCK!! Happy birthday Darby!

Tiffany said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DARBY!! Love from all the Thomas family!!!!

Hil said...

Happy Birthday Darby from Cara and her family! We miss you!!!