Shirt to small!

I loved this little outfit she had on. I had to squeeze one more wear out of it! When daddy took it off this was the result! OUCH! Poor Juliet!
She looks a little like a star wars character here!


Turbo Kickboxing Kicks bootay!

This was the last class I taught at the YMCA. I totally held it together til I got home then I lost it and cried. They are a great group of women. When you go on a fitness journey and struggle together you bond with people even if you don't know their names. They were all so supportive, even when I pooped up a routine! We had a lot of laugh and lots a lot of pounds together! Some of my closest friends are in there too. LMNOPZAZ=Erin Peterson! Sandee Bryson, Jamie Barrera, Robin Edwards, and Christina Wurtz! I love and miss them soooo much! Keep up the good work ladies! Remember, if it doesn't jiggle a little then you don't belong in my class! (Real women jiggle)! Shake what your mama gave ya! (where else can I say stuff like that...only in a TKB class...also where else can I dress like that....check out my tube socks and my sweet PINK turbo shorts!) I have to give a shout out to my girl Marilynn on the far left in the black. She is retired with grandkids and she could shake it with the best of us! I hope I can keep up when I am her age! You Rock Marilynn!

Our last couple days in Texas...

My neighbor Andrea was great to take my kids for while we packed and got ready for the move. She took them to the pool on our last night there, I loved this picture of all of them. They are all summer greased from the pool and sunscreen. Summer is the BEST!
Darby and Millie got to spend a day together before we left. Darby really misses Millie! Such good friends, she is one of her favorite cousins. (Technically she is my cousin!)
Cute girls! (They took this themselves).

Juliet and Jasper

Before we left for California my Aunt Valerie brought Millie over so the girls could play, she also brought her puppy Jasper. Juliet LOVED the puppy!
Jasper LOVED Juliet! (or at least the left over dinner on Juliet's face.)
She just couldn't get enough him!

Nice dirty onsie...who is your mother poor baby?

Award Cerimony on Last Day of School.

This is Mrs. VonBosee/Sister VonBosee. She was Darby's sub for the last 6 weeks of school because Mrs. Srader was out having her first baby. (a boy) Darby LOVED Sister VonBosee. She was a teacher at her school during Darby's kindergarten year and taught across the hall from Darby's room. It was so nice to know there was someone there looking out for her that first year and then she got to have her during second grade. We are so lucky! This is Mrs. Srader. I don't think Darby could ever have a better fit than Mrs. Miley Srader. (Not a bad name to have as a second grade teacher...one more way to make her oober cool!) Mrs. Srader Loved science and letting the kids express themselves. Both great things for Darby. Darby was braking down at the thought of not seeing Mrs. Srader again. Mrs. Srader was nice enough to give us her home address so that we could write her when we moved to California.
One of Darby's best school friends. Lauren. I LOVED to hear the storied Darby would come home and tell about this little girl. She was soooooo dramatic and came up with some great stories. She was a stitch!
This is Max's buddy Katie. This is NOT his girlfriend. I sat in front of Katie's parent and grandparents and when they heard I was Max's mom they went on and on about how much Katie adored Max. He was NOT her boyfriend though...even though she wanted to marry him. :)
This is Mrs. Topp. Darby and Max both had her for kindergarten. We love her soooo much! It makes us sad that Dash might not have her when he starts. I hope and pray when we get back she will still be at the school. Then I hope and pray she will want to have another Jeffords after Dash. :) I hope they will still let us in the school after Dash! :)

I almost forgot they they both got perfect citizenship for the whole year. Darby won the music award for the whole second grade. She also got an award for Science and being friendly (her classmates voted for that one.) Max got a super reader award! Great Kids!


Dash's 4th Birthday party!

For Dash's birthday party we had a luau! It was soooo much fun! We got a little out of control and invited EVERYONE! It was for the kids and their families! We made Dash's invites at one of those photo things at CVS. I didn't know what I was doing so they came out as 5x7 INVITATIONS! He felt pretty special as we hand delivered them.

We had some friends come and do the Hakka (sp?). It was AMAZING ! They were the same guys that do the Hakka at the beginning of their football games in Texas. I don't remember the name of the school. The kids were all mesmerized/terrified!
They were great sports and had all the men come out and they taught them some of it. It is such a manly thing to do. You can see all the guys puffing up!
You can't see them in this picture but Brandon and Hil's dad were the funnest to watch. Hilary's dad was WAY into it and he did the most yelling and the scariest face. All and all everyone were great sports.
We had some dancers come and do some luau dancing for us too. They were beautiful and so talented. The one thing I was most impressed with was how grateful they were for "letting" them come and perform. They didn't let me pay them. They liked to come and share their culture. I almost cried. It was really cool and something I will never forget. What great people and what a beautiful culture.

They did one of those shaky shaky dances. It was my favorite. Who doesn't like to shake what their mama gave them?
They also did the slow story telling dance.
All the girls loved this little cutie. She was 8 and was absolutely perfect!
We couldn't find Dash toward the end of the party and we found him in the dining room digging through his gifts and opening all the packages. What a lucky little birthday boy.

We had a limbo contest! Very fun!
Darby was the official lei passer outer!
Dash got a very cool knight dress up out fit. Maybe he will stop dressing up in Darby's dress ups. (not a chance)! Thanks Boyer for trying.
Costco cake is the best.
Darby won the hula hoop contest.
Brother Rodriguez stopped by before his High Council duties to get a little limbo in!
Such fun friends!
This is the dang cute way we served treats. Idea came from my good friend Alison who has an annual luau. So dang cute! I ordered some decorations from oriental trading company but the cutest ones came from the dollar store!

Santa Monica Beach!

I have TONS to post so I am grabbing days by random and hopefully it won't be confusing! We sure miss Texas but we have had a lot of fun this summer in Cali! This is Santa Monica Beach!

Juliet's first sucker...because who doesn't want to combine sucker with sand?
The aftermath of the sticky BLUE sucker!
What happens when you take the sucker away then quickly give it back! We had to let her fall asleep with it and clean her up at home!
I loved this of the 2 of them. This was on our walk back to the car! Darby has her hair cut now...I don't want to talk about it!
The great Zoltar from the movie "Big" is on the pier! The kids thought that was pretty cool, but nobody dare to try it out!
Daddy has such cool tricks!
Who doesn't want to clean all this sand out of their car, then their showers, then their washers, then the couch? I LOVE THE BEACH!!!!!
Dash loved to run away from the waves, leaving mommy somewhere in the middle, trying to watch the ones in the ocean, the one on the beach and the baby in her arms! Where was daddy?

B and his brother Tim !Max loved the waves! He was a little to fearless for my liking!
Darby loved it all! The ocean, waves, sand, shells!
Juliet was happy to be in her stoller like a big girl and not in the baby car seat. (She is totally ready to get out of it but I keep forgetting!)
This was a street performer that would do the robot and other dances with cool noises! He wasn't gonna let me go til' I let him kiss me! Not a chance dude! No matter how much you suck in, it can't make your face or ams look skinny! Joined weight watchers the next day thank you very much! 8.6 lbs lighter! :)