Santa Monica Beach!

I have TONS to post so I am grabbing days by random and hopefully it won't be confusing! We sure miss Texas but we have had a lot of fun this summer in Cali! This is Santa Monica Beach!

Juliet's first sucker...because who doesn't want to combine sucker with sand?
The aftermath of the sticky BLUE sucker!
What happens when you take the sucker away then quickly give it back! We had to let her fall asleep with it and clean her up at home!
I loved this of the 2 of them. This was on our walk back to the car! Darby has her hair cut now...I don't want to talk about it!
The great Zoltar from the movie "Big" is on the pier! The kids thought that was pretty cool, but nobody dare to try it out!
Daddy has such cool tricks!
Who doesn't want to clean all this sand out of their car, then their showers, then their washers, then the couch? I LOVE THE BEACH!!!!!
Dash loved to run away from the waves, leaving mommy somewhere in the middle, trying to watch the ones in the ocean, the one on the beach and the baby in her arms! Where was daddy?

B and his brother Tim !Max loved the waves! He was a little to fearless for my liking!
Darby loved it all! The ocean, waves, sand, shells!
Juliet was happy to be in her stoller like a big girl and not in the baby car seat. (She is totally ready to get out of it but I keep forgetting!)
This was a street performer that would do the robot and other dances with cool noises! He wasn't gonna let me go til' I let him kiss me! Not a chance dude! No matter how much you suck in, it can't make your face or ams look skinny! Joined weight watchers the next day thank you very much! 8.6 lbs lighter! :)

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Jacob, Amber, and Baby Kyla said...

your family is SO CUTE!!! I love seeing how big your kids are getting! you should check out my baby girl! http://jacobandamber.blogspot.com/
i hope she can grow up to be as cute as your kids!