Turbo Kickboxing Kicks bootay!

This was the last class I taught at the YMCA. I totally held it together til I got home then I lost it and cried. They are a great group of women. When you go on a fitness journey and struggle together you bond with people even if you don't know their names. They were all so supportive, even when I pooped up a routine! We had a lot of laugh and lots a lot of pounds together! Some of my closest friends are in there too. LMNOPZAZ=Erin Peterson! Sandee Bryson, Jamie Barrera, Robin Edwards, and Christina Wurtz! I love and miss them soooo much! Keep up the good work ladies! Remember, if it doesn't jiggle a little then you don't belong in my class! (Real women jiggle)! Shake what your mama gave ya! (where else can I say stuff like that...only in a TKB class...also where else can I dress like that....check out my tube socks and my sweet PINK turbo shorts!) I have to give a shout out to my girl Marilynn on the far left in the black. She is retired with grandkids and she could shake it with the best of us! I hope I can keep up when I am her age! You Rock Marilynn!

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