Dash's 4th Birthday party!

For Dash's birthday party we had a luau! It was soooo much fun! We got a little out of control and invited EVERYONE! It was for the kids and their families! We made Dash's invites at one of those photo things at CVS. I didn't know what I was doing so they came out as 5x7 INVITATIONS! He felt pretty special as we hand delivered them.

We had some friends come and do the Hakka (sp?). It was AMAZING ! They were the same guys that do the Hakka at the beginning of their football games in Texas. I don't remember the name of the school. The kids were all mesmerized/terrified!
They were great sports and had all the men come out and they taught them some of it. It is such a manly thing to do. You can see all the guys puffing up!
You can't see them in this picture but Brandon and Hil's dad were the funnest to watch. Hilary's dad was WAY into it and he did the most yelling and the scariest face. All and all everyone were great sports.
We had some dancers come and do some luau dancing for us too. They were beautiful and so talented. The one thing I was most impressed with was how grateful they were for "letting" them come and perform. They didn't let me pay them. They liked to come and share their culture. I almost cried. It was really cool and something I will never forget. What great people and what a beautiful culture.

They did one of those shaky shaky dances. It was my favorite. Who doesn't like to shake what their mama gave them?
They also did the slow story telling dance.
All the girls loved this little cutie. She was 8 and was absolutely perfect!
We couldn't find Dash toward the end of the party and we found him in the dining room digging through his gifts and opening all the packages. What a lucky little birthday boy.

We had a limbo contest! Very fun!
Darby was the official lei passer outer!
Dash got a very cool knight dress up out fit. Maybe he will stop dressing up in Darby's dress ups. (not a chance)! Thanks Boyer for trying.
Costco cake is the best.
Darby won the hula hoop contest.
Brother Rodriguez stopped by before his High Council duties to get a little limbo in!
Such fun friends!
This is the dang cute way we served treats. Idea came from my good friend Alison who has an annual luau. So dang cute! I ordered some decorations from oriental trading company but the cutest ones came from the dollar store!

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Bittles said...

what fun pics, I am so bummed we missed the show! Totally wanted to call you today, no tengo tu numero de telefono. Love ya!