Award Cerimony on Last Day of School.

This is Mrs. VonBosee/Sister VonBosee. She was Darby's sub for the last 6 weeks of school because Mrs. Srader was out having her first baby. (a boy) Darby LOVED Sister VonBosee. She was a teacher at her school during Darby's kindergarten year and taught across the hall from Darby's room. It was so nice to know there was someone there looking out for her that first year and then she got to have her during second grade. We are so lucky! This is Mrs. Srader. I don't think Darby could ever have a better fit than Mrs. Miley Srader. (Not a bad name to have as a second grade teacher...one more way to make her oober cool!) Mrs. Srader Loved science and letting the kids express themselves. Both great things for Darby. Darby was braking down at the thought of not seeing Mrs. Srader again. Mrs. Srader was nice enough to give us her home address so that we could write her when we moved to California.
One of Darby's best school friends. Lauren. I LOVED to hear the storied Darby would come home and tell about this little girl. She was soooooo dramatic and came up with some great stories. She was a stitch!
This is Max's buddy Katie. This is NOT his girlfriend. I sat in front of Katie's parent and grandparents and when they heard I was Max's mom they went on and on about how much Katie adored Max. He was NOT her boyfriend though...even though she wanted to marry him. :)
This is Mrs. Topp. Darby and Max both had her for kindergarten. We love her soooo much! It makes us sad that Dash might not have her when he starts. I hope and pray when we get back she will still be at the school. Then I hope and pray she will want to have another Jeffords after Dash. :) I hope they will still let us in the school after Dash! :)

I almost forgot they they both got perfect citizenship for the whole year. Darby won the music award for the whole second grade. She also got an award for Science and being friendly (her classmates voted for that one.) Max got a super reader award! Great Kids!

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