Easter Egg Hunts!

Our First Egg Hunt was at Aunt Andi's house!  She had a fun bean bag toss planned for the kids!  Nana made the cutest carrot shaped bean bags!  The kids loved it!  Yes it was FREEZING that day!  
 I love that Dash is always "too cool for school" in everything he does.  That is the way he tries to play things off.  90% of the time he pulls it off.  He really is just shy though.  So he gets embarrassed easily. He pulls off cool pretty darn cute though!
 Max had no shame in letting everyone know how awesome he was at the bean bag toss!!!  He made it in and he was dang happy about it!  YES!!!
 Darby is for sure "too cool for school".  She is not as cute as Dash about it though.  Don't get me wrong, she for sure is cute, pre-teen attitude about be cool is not as tender as when Dash is doing it! ;)
 Then we went to back yard for the big egg hunt!  It was really fun!  You were aloud as many eggs as you could get and one BIG egg!
 It had started to snow.

One of  Darby's best friends Hailee Sandford was able to come for the fun!  They are the same age.  Darby is a full head taller than Hailee!
 Cousin Nick!  FREEZING!!!
 Natalie is one of my best friends and it is clear why!  This picture makes me laugh every time I look at it!
 Gathering their spoils!  I love this part.  In the big eggs there was a number and the number correlated with a prize.  You traded your number for your prize.  It was a huge success!  The BIG prize was to go see Joel and he gave you 15$.  Braedon won that!  I love that he won that!  It couldn't have gone to a better kid.  He told Nat that it was one of the best days ever and one of his luckiest days.  I almost cried.  I sure love that kid.  I wish I could have gotten a picture of him with his cash!  He won a movie too.  He was a pretty happy camper.  Bennet won some super hero guys so he was a happy guy too.  Juliet didn't care as long as she had candy.
 Later they all went out to trade candy and take advantage of the younger kids.  I love that it is freezing and Juliet has on no shoes or socks.  Who is taking her picture?  That would be me...her mom!  (look at her freezing red toes......
 Later that night Ryeley and I put glow sticks in eggs with some cash and coins and had a glow in the dark egg hunt.  It was very very very fun!  I would highly recommend it in the future.  Just make sure you use the LARGE eggs so the bracelets don't brake and you don't have to throw away the money!  Have the hunt outside  so you don't kill each other in the house racing for the eggs!  It really was fun and I LOVED LOVED LOVED that I got to do this with my little bro and for my niece and nephew and my kids!


Dressin' up!

Uncle Ryeley and Juliet were all dressed up and ready to go to GG Pa's viewing.  (more on that later) I love my little brother in a suit!  
 Even more, I love my nephew in a suit!  SO handsome!


more Music America!

These are the pictures after the first showing of Music America!  This is one of Darby's closest friends out here in California.  Amanda Myers.  She is a doll face.  I really like her.  She is an adorable down to earth girl with great parents.  She is a good friend who loves Darby for who she is.  She loves to be a corn ball with Darby too!  
Getting ready behind the scenes!  Of course we can't take a serious picture!  Just ONE time I would like a pretty picture when her hair and make up is done up all nice!  :)

 Waiting for the show to start!

 She was really excited to show off her pretty hair.  Brandon had curled her hair and gotten her ready for the theatre!  (I was all ready there selling flowers for the production)
 It's hard to get a good shot of these corn balls!

 After the show! Proud daddy!
 Lizzy and Darby!  Lizzy is in our ward!  She is in activity days with Darby.  She is in 3rd grade with Max.  This was her first year with Play Production.  Darby loved that she was able to do this with Lizzy this year!
 Uncle Jamie and Aunt Marilyn were able to come see the show!  It was tons of fun to know that family was out in the audience cheering her on!
 One of her biggest fans!
 Her brothers were REALLY proud of her!  (Max kept saying how excited he was for his turn to do play production next year.....it's to expensive to have more than one of them in at a time..... so at our house you get to do it in the 4th and 5th grade!)
 We were both so very proud of her!  I felt like the mom of a superstar!
 This is another one of Darby's good friends.  Emmy!  She came to see the show too.  Emmy was in another show earlier in the year that Darby went to see. Suesical the Musical!  It is sure fun when you get to support each other!
 Such good friends!

This is what it looks like to leave Aunt Sue's house!

Is is ok that I like it that they cry when they leave?  They literally break down in tears.  Sometimes they run away from their parents.  There are threats of not coming back if they act like this.  There are bribes that if they stop crying, they can come back or they can have candy or treats or all things good!  I just LOVE that THEY love to come to my house and play with us and don't want to leave!  I love that we get to be near them.  I HATE that I am not near more of my nieces and nephews so that I can be that to them too.  For now though I will take this as much as I can!  and I will relish it!  
 I LOVE that Jeremy was trying to console his sister even though he was just as sad.  It was one of the sweetest things ever!
these two are the perfect description of what we call "a  pack of Jeffords"  They do NOT let each other down!  They are "a pack of Jeffords and Jeffords stick together!" 

 There was NO consoling this one.  She ended up just falling asleep after they left.  Thank heavens.  The only bad thing was when she woke up she started crying for them and it started all over again!
Yes, that is her foot, kicking at me to get away from her!

Uncle Ryeley

Uncle Ryeley came for a quick visit to pick up the drums!  Juliet was in HEAVEN!  He is of course one of her favorite people!   He always has been!  The feeling is mutual!  She literally runs into his arms.  He drove all night to get here.  

 This was us after a day of shopping downtown!  TONS of fun!  Of course the 2 of them still couldn't be separated!
 When Ryeley came out he brought some stuffed animals (HUGE ONES) from Nana and Papa for Easter for the kids.  This is the Alligator that is Darby's.  Callie was a little obsessed with it.  We find her on it often.  She sprawls out on it and sleeps on it.
 Thanks Nana and Papa for always sending such fun things!  I'm not gonna lie though Uncle Ryeley may have taken credit for this one with Juliet!  :)

Dash and his stitches

One Sunday Morning Dash had on a dirty shirt.  When I told him he had to change he threw a fit. He HATES buttoning his shirts.  SO once it's on he doesn't care what it looks like!   When I tried to take his shirt off he FLIPPED out and tried to run away from me.  He tripped over something on the floor and fell onto the fireplace mantle.  Our fireplace mantle happens to be a bench mantle. It was a blunt trauma to the chin. I knew as soon as it happened he would need stitches.  It was crushed open.  I am sure it is the first time of many times to that area!  He went the hospital with daddy then came home to snuggle with mommy.  He was super brave when he got the stitches!  Moral of the story?  DON'T AWAY FROM YOUR MAMA WHEN SHE SAYS TO CHANGE YOUR DIRTY SHIRT!!! ;) 

that is not me lounging on the couch...it is Darby!  :) 

crazy hair day!

 The school does crazy hair day every year!  This year they combined crazy hair day with Red white and blue day too!  The boys did crazy Red, White and blue (or just blue) hair.  They had SO much fun with it!  Max loved until he came home and said they called him a smurf all day!  I think surfs are cool. I told him Ice Man or or Blue Men Or any other Blue cool thing I could think of.  They both had colored hair for a few days and colored scalps for a few weeks!
 Darby went the wig route!  She wished she went the colored hair when it was all said and done!  You live and you learn!  They all had a great time though!

activity day cake decorating !

We had a great time working on cake decorating with the activity day girls.  We used the Pampered Chef Prep Cups and baked mini cakes for Polly Pocket "Barbie" cakes. They had a ton of fun doing individual cakes.  It was great fun seeing all their personalities come out.  We used frosting from the tub though and I would highly recommend using the buttercream kind that you make for decorating.  The tub kind gets soft and tends to melt.  

 I love that each girl even decorated the polly pockets hair and chest and shoulders so that their whole outfits were complete!  So much fun!

 This one was Darby's..... She was going for a victorian flare with a party mask!