This is what it looks like to leave Aunt Sue's house!

Is is ok that I like it that they cry when they leave?  They literally break down in tears.  Sometimes they run away from their parents.  There are threats of not coming back if they act like this.  There are bribes that if they stop crying, they can come back or they can have candy or treats or all things good!  I just LOVE that THEY love to come to my house and play with us and don't want to leave!  I love that we get to be near them.  I HATE that I am not near more of my nieces and nephews so that I can be that to them too.  For now though I will take this as much as I can!  and I will relish it!  
 I LOVE that Jeremy was trying to console his sister even though he was just as sad.  It was one of the sweetest things ever!
these two are the perfect description of what we call "a  pack of Jeffords"  They do NOT let each other down!  They are "a pack of Jeffords and Jeffords stick together!" 

 There was NO consoling this one.  She ended up just falling asleep after they left.  Thank heavens.  The only bad thing was when she woke up she started crying for them and it started all over again!
Yes, that is her foot, kicking at me to get away from her!

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