Music America! Play Production 2012

Darby has done Play Production at the school these last 2 years.  This was her last year because she is in the 5th grade.  She was in a lot of numbers and had a LOT of fun this year.  She really grew a lot as a performer and she blossomed and a singer.  People kept telling me they had no idea that Darby could sing like that and I would reply with "neither did we!"  It was such a fun year and such a fun show!!! 
The show covered American Music over the ages.  Here are the "Andrew Sisters"
 Here is Darby getting ready to sing "White Cliffs of Dover"  A song that she sang only a few short weeks later at her great grandpa's funeral.  It was amazing to see!
 One of Darby's close friends, Amanda,  had the part of Dolly Parton singing "Here You Come Again" in the country section.  It was one of Darby's favorite sections.  All the 5th grade girls sang the song "Man! I Feel Like A Woman!"
 This was Darby in her big solo.  She sang "Moon River".  It was simply amazing.   No other words. Just amazing!

 "Footloose" was another fan favorite section!
 They did a whole montage to the movies!  It was REALLY fun and music in the movies is important so they wanted to highlight that.  This is for the music of James Bond and right after it was Pink Panther!
 She was so sad that this was her last year.  She will continue on performing because it is her passion.  Max is excited that he will be able to follow in her footsteps next year!

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