Easter Egg Hunts!

Our First Egg Hunt was at Aunt Andi's house!  She had a fun bean bag toss planned for the kids!  Nana made the cutest carrot shaped bean bags!  The kids loved it!  Yes it was FREEZING that day!  
 I love that Dash is always "too cool for school" in everything he does.  That is the way he tries to play things off.  90% of the time he pulls it off.  He really is just shy though.  So he gets embarrassed easily. He pulls off cool pretty darn cute though!
 Max had no shame in letting everyone know how awesome he was at the bean bag toss!!!  He made it in and he was dang happy about it!  YES!!!
 Darby is for sure "too cool for school".  She is not as cute as Dash about it though.  Don't get me wrong, she for sure is cute, pre-teen attitude about be cool is not as tender as when Dash is doing it! ;)
 Then we went to back yard for the big egg hunt!  It was really fun!  You were aloud as many eggs as you could get and one BIG egg!
 It had started to snow.

One of  Darby's best friends Hailee Sandford was able to come for the fun!  They are the same age.  Darby is a full head taller than Hailee!
 Cousin Nick!  FREEZING!!!
 Natalie is one of my best friends and it is clear why!  This picture makes me laugh every time I look at it!
 Gathering their spoils!  I love this part.  In the big eggs there was a number and the number correlated with a prize.  You traded your number for your prize.  It was a huge success!  The BIG prize was to go see Joel and he gave you 15$.  Braedon won that!  I love that he won that!  It couldn't have gone to a better kid.  He told Nat that it was one of the best days ever and one of his luckiest days.  I almost cried.  I sure love that kid.  I wish I could have gotten a picture of him with his cash!  He won a movie too.  He was a pretty happy camper.  Bennet won some super hero guys so he was a happy guy too.  Juliet didn't care as long as she had candy.
 Later they all went out to trade candy and take advantage of the younger kids.  I love that it is freezing and Juliet has on no shoes or socks.  Who is taking her picture?  That would be me...her mom!  (look at her freezing red toes......
 Later that night Ryeley and I put glow sticks in eggs with some cash and coins and had a glow in the dark egg hunt.  It was very very very fun!  I would highly recommend it in the future.  Just make sure you use the LARGE eggs so the bracelets don't brake and you don't have to throw away the money!  Have the hunt outside  so you don't kill each other in the house racing for the eggs!  It really was fun and I LOVED LOVED LOVED that I got to do this with my little bro and for my niece and nephew and my kids!

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