Dash and his stitches

One Sunday Morning Dash had on a dirty shirt.  When I told him he had to change he threw a fit. He HATES buttoning his shirts.  SO once it's on he doesn't care what it looks like!   When I tried to take his shirt off he FLIPPED out and tried to run away from me.  He tripped over something on the floor and fell onto the fireplace mantle.  Our fireplace mantle happens to be a bench mantle. It was a blunt trauma to the chin. I knew as soon as it happened he would need stitches.  It was crushed open.  I am sure it is the first time of many times to that area!  He went the hospital with daddy then came home to snuggle with mommy.  He was super brave when he got the stitches!  Moral of the story?  DON'T AWAY FROM YOUR MAMA WHEN SHE SAYS TO CHANGE YOUR DIRTY SHIRT!!! ;) 

that is not me lounging on the couch...it is Darby!  :) 

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Alison said...

Ouch! Glad to see I'm not the only one who abuses my children.