Persuasive Essay....Darby style

Darby had to do a Persuasive Essay in school.  She decided to do her essay on getting a cell phone.  It was a GREAT essay so I wanted to share it and be sure we had it for our posterity to see her personality later!!!  She is a FUNNY funny girl!!

        I am trapped in a room by myself bleeding to death.  What do I do?  Call 911 right?  With what phone?  I'm lost, all alone, and terrified when 2 men come up behind me and grab me.  I've been kidnapped!  What do I do? Call 911 right? With WHAT phone?  I think you get the point.  what I am trying to tell you is, with a phone, I would be safer than I am now!  So here are some reasons to get one.  I know my mom disagrees, (she has many times....)  but I have a few reasons to consider it.
      Safety Reasons:  I babysit a lot for my mom and I know she wants me to be safe.  So if one of my brothers or sister has a problem, is hurt or I need to know when my mom is coming home, I could call her with a phone!  I could entertain my baby sister by turning on math games.  I could also let my brothers call their friends.  if I were hurt or lost, I would also be able to call them!
     Planning:  I forget my homework A LOT!  My parents get really irritated when I do too. So if my parents were busy I could call up one of my schoolmates and not bother them.  I lifelike to hang out with my friends.  I know my parents HATE it when I don't plan ahead and I ask them out of the blue.  With a phone I can call them and plan my playmates!  Let's say I get sick at a sleepover.  With a  phone I can call my mother to pick me up so I don't get anyone else sick.
     Personal:  I have lots of distant cousins and friends.  I would like to be able to call them sometimes.  For example I have 2 friends. named Hailey and well, Hailee!  They used to live in Texas with me when we all went our separate ways.  Hailey to Las Vegas, me to California and Hailee to Utah.  We aren't able to talk to each other much and visit are a hassle.  If I had a phone I could call them when they were sad, had an important event, or just wanted to say Hi!  My cousins also live in Utah which is 12 hours away from here.  We only get to visit them 2 or 3 times a year.  It would be nice to be able to catch up every once in a while.  Most of my family lives far distances in Arizona, Utah, and  lots more places, but with a phone I could call them daily and assure them if things went wrong.
     There are some reasons why mitt disagree, but I have a solution to your concerns.  The phone bill can be annoying.  My parents don't want to pay for a phone for me because it is just more money to spend!  To resolve this we can get the family plan, or I can pay with allowance.  Minutes can also be a problem.  If I went past my time limit there are additional charges.  A solution would be to make myself a time limit and stick to it or if I accidentally pass it, I would pay the bill.
     I also take LOTS of responsibility to have a phone.  If you lose it, it's gone! SO I would keep it in my purse and only take it out if I need to, then PUT IT BACK IN WHEN I'M DONE!
     I have answered the reasons why and why not too.   I have talked about the safety, planning, and personal reasons.  I even talked about how to solve the problems and responsibility it takes to have one!  I hope you agree when I ask a simple question.  May I please have a phone?


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