Uncle Ryeley

Uncle Ryeley came for a quick visit to pick up the drums!  Juliet was in HEAVEN!  He is of course one of her favorite people!   He always has been!  The feeling is mutual!  She literally runs into his arms.  He drove all night to get here.  

 This was us after a day of shopping downtown!  TONS of fun!  Of course the 2 of them still couldn't be separated!
 When Ryeley came out he brought some stuffed animals (HUGE ONES) from Nana and Papa for Easter for the kids.  This is the Alligator that is Darby's.  Callie was a little obsessed with it.  We find her on it often.  She sprawls out on it and sleeps on it.
 Thanks Nana and Papa for always sending such fun things!  I'm not gonna lie though Uncle Ryeley may have taken credit for this one with Juliet!  :)

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