more Music America!

These are the pictures after the first showing of Music America!  This is one of Darby's closest friends out here in California.  Amanda Myers.  She is a doll face.  I really like her.  She is an adorable down to earth girl with great parents.  She is a good friend who loves Darby for who she is.  She loves to be a corn ball with Darby too!  
Getting ready behind the scenes!  Of course we can't take a serious picture!  Just ONE time I would like a pretty picture when her hair and make up is done up all nice!  :)

 Waiting for the show to start!

 She was really excited to show off her pretty hair.  Brandon had curled her hair and gotten her ready for the theatre!  (I was all ready there selling flowers for the production)
 It's hard to get a good shot of these corn balls!

 After the show! Proud daddy!
 Lizzy and Darby!  Lizzy is in our ward!  She is in activity days with Darby.  She is in 3rd grade with Max.  This was her first year with Play Production.  Darby loved that she was able to do this with Lizzy this year!
 Uncle Jamie and Aunt Marilyn were able to come see the show!  It was tons of fun to know that family was out in the audience cheering her on!
 One of her biggest fans!
 Her brothers were REALLY proud of her!  (Max kept saying how excited he was for his turn to do play production next year.....it's to expensive to have more than one of them in at a time..... so at our house you get to do it in the 4th and 5th grade!)
 We were both so very proud of her!  I felt like the mom of a superstar!
 This is another one of Darby's good friends.  Emmy!  She came to see the show too.  Emmy was in another show earlier in the year that Darby went to see. Suesical the Musical!  It is sure fun when you get to support each other!
 Such good friends!

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