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SOOOOOOO, I'm super annoyed but I have to start a new blog.  Apparently blogger is making us pay for more memory and I have used up all of mine.  All though I am very grateful that they have stored our memories up to this point, it bums me out to have choose a new address AND that I didn't finish blogging this year as B always prints my blog for me by year.  Poop on a stick.  I hate this story!  BUT the blog will go on as soon as I set it all up and I will finish 2012!  I love that story!


Gun Control? How do you feel?

My friend Marc Gamberdella posted this on his fb page.  In an onslaught of other friends posting about gun control....  I had so many mixed emotions and Marc nailed it on the head for me.    Thank you Marc for putting it so eloquently.  Education, parenting, love and peace....please.

"We all want/need to find something to blame for today's events, and it's very easy to say that taking guns off the streets would be the answer. It's not that easy. Americans have been armed with guns since we became America. In fact, the right to bear arms is what allowed us to become America in the first place. The real problem lies in the fact that as a society, we don't foster our youth (as a society) to make good choices, and to value their lives and the lives of others. The next time you see someone taking their 5 year old to an R rated movie at midnight, or any other time for that matter...Take note. The next time you see an 8 year old buying a copy of Black Ops...take note. The next time you let your 10 year old daughter watch Honey Boo Boo, or Little Liars, or the real housewives of Beverly Hills...take note. If your kids watch the news and don't bat an eye at the story of people getting trampled while trying to get their iPad deal at Walmart...TAKE NOTE. All of these things collectively are NOT harmless, and will cause some people to lose their grasp with what's right and wrong in our world. We'd all like to think that that's not the case with our own offspring, but ask any parent of the kids committing these crimes and they'd say the same thing. Remember the days when as kids, we were restricted from viewing/participating in any activities that were adult themed? Those days have been long gone, and we are just plain seeing the effects of it. Don't believe me? Look up ABC "FAMILY" channel and look at the lineup of programming we've accepted as OK for kids to watch. We reap what we sow. He'll, everyone is convinced that the world is going to end in a couple weeks. What do you think that does to the psyche of our kids when they hear that stuff? Do you remember your parents telling you the world was going to end when you were a kid?? I don't.
Anyway, sorry for the long post. I'm not trying to be self righteous. I'm as guilty at some of this stuff as anyone. But it's time to step up and create a better generation than our own. Even if that means we might have to skip going to that midnight movie once in a while, so our kids can remain safely at home in bed. Where they should be." (Marc Gamberdella)

"Let's remember people that box cutters are what set off 9/11, not guns! Guns are not the problem. Criminals will be the only people armed if we take them away. They don't follow the same rules that you and I do; morally, ethically or legally." (Lisette Franklin) 


San Diego Zoo

The next day we went to the San Diego Zoo.  It was REALLY big and REALLY busy!

This gorilla would NOT turn around for ANYONE!  Everyone had to look at his booty.  Then when we went to take our picture he turned just for us.  (I was trying to get the lady to take the picture...that is why I have crazy face!)
and of course....a crazy Jeffords picture!  (I love that even Juliet goes crazy!) 

Sea world...end of day

Here we are leaving the park.  We were wet and cold and tired but had an AMAZING day as a family!  

Sea World Dolphin show

This show was amazing!  (almost all the shows were!)  This one had a Sea Princess and some bad guys and of course tons of animals doing amazing things!  

One of the bad guys....

These guys came to save the day!

At the end they posed outside for you to take a picture with them and ask them questions.

Sea World Flamingos and Sea Lions

All the animals were beautiful and amazing at Sea World.  Did you know that Flamingos are born white and they get their color from the food they eat...Shrimp and Krill. 

How pretty is he?

The sea lions were amazing too!  They will bark and bark for you to feed them.  Some of them will really work it too!  Clap and jump for you to toss them a fish!

How can you say no to this guy?

Sea World Feeding the stingrays

Where else do you get to pet and feed sting rays?  (B and I did on our honeymoon....but other than the Cayman Islands....Sea World is your place!)  It is REALLY cool!  I highly recommend this!  This is NOT the place to skimp!
They come right up to you like a puppy.

You hold the fish in between your finger and they brush over your hand to take it.
These guys were fighting to get to the food.  I actually have some more pictures of Max with the Sting Rays cause he and I snuck back there....I'll post them a bit later!  He was so very brave!

Sea World Star Fish

We then moved on to a little section of star fish!  We learned SO much and this little section ended up being one of our favorites because of all we learned!  
Dash REALLY loved this part.  You could pick up the star fish but not take them out of the water.  You could turn them over and some of them were actually eating.  Very cool.

Right here Dash is touching a Sea anemone!  These actually sting....their predators but to a person it just feels like sticky scotch tape.  It was kind of scary but we all tried it....Dash was the bravest one of all because he went first.

After so many touches the anemone will go back inside to hide.