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SOOOOOOO, I'm super annoyed but I have to start a new blog.  Apparently blogger is making us pay for more memory and I have used up all of mine.  All though I am very grateful that they have stored our memories up to this point, it bums me out to have choose a new address AND that I didn't finish blogging this year as B always prints my blog for me by year.  Poop on a stick.  I hate this story!  BUT the blog will go on as soon as I set it all up and I will finish 2012!  I love that story!


Gwen said...

I KNOW, RIGHT!!! Please be sure to let us know where to find your new blog. I will still follow you wherever you go! I always look forward to seeing what you guys are up to in the land of the rich and famous!

Thanks for your sweet comments, too. I appreciate you guys thinking of us and keeping us in your prayers :o)

andee said...

You don't have to start a new blog! The same thing happened to me a few weeks ago and a friend told me just to invite another author ( a new email address) and you're good to go. It worked for me, so if you want give it a try.

I read your comment from 71toes and that's how I found your blog. I am not a crazy stalker, just a fellow stay at home mom blogging when the kids are in bed.