Jeffords Nativity

This is from the Annual Nativity display at the Stake Center. We didn't want to bring Juliet being just a week old but we felt like we needed to go. We quickly went through all the rooms trying to avoid too much human contact. As we started to leave the kids broke down crying because we didn't go to the gym to make our own living nativity scene. It was their favorite part last year. We're glad we did it. And....yes, that is Juliet in the manger.

Santa 2008

I'm sorry but this Santa kicks some serious butt! Suzy takes the kids to the mall every year to see Santa and take a photo. This guy has me believing all over again. When I was a kid, he was more like the Santa from the movie Elf - "You sit on a throne of lies. You're not Santa. You stink. You smell like beef and cheese." I also love how each of my kids personalities are aptly represented in this picture.