Santa 2008

I'm sorry but this Santa kicks some serious butt! Suzy takes the kids to the mall every year to see Santa and take a photo. This guy has me believing all over again. When I was a kid, he was more like the Santa from the movie Elf - "You sit on a throne of lies. You're not Santa. You stink. You smell like beef and cheese." I also love how each of my kids personalities are aptly represented in this picture.


Kimberly said...

TOO FLIPPIN' AWESOME!!! I think this is going to be one of my favorite pictures of the kiddos! I LUV that each of their personalities show...it makes me LOVE (& MISS) them that much more!! Aunt Kin-Kin loves those little Jeffords! ;-)

b - bo said...

Awesome reference.

Dane and Natalie said...

That IS a good Santa. My friend made me aware of the creepiness of Santas that don't wear gloves. Glad to see he is fully gloved! That is a great picture.