Piano Recital

Darby played "March of the Christmas Toys" and "Joy to the World" for her first piano recital. There were about fifty or so people in the audience. She played them first as a solo and then as a duet with her piano teacher. With only six weeks of lessons she did a fantastic job. I would post the video but I recorded it sideways. I was using my new camera phone and thought I'd get a better composition that way. (Yes, this is Brandon posting this.) So, unless you want to turn your computer monitor clockwise ninety degrees, it will be uncomfortable to watch. Darby’s piano teacher is Sister Butler from our Ward. Afterwards she gave Darby a “grand piano” ornament for our tree.

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Mike and Lindsey said...

Darby was so stinking cute and all grown up at the recital! I was so glad we got to see her in action. It was adorable!