Crazy Dayz!

So October is flying by soooo fast! I am trying to enjoy all of it but December is coming hard and fast. That is the month we have to know where we are going. Stay here in California for another 6 months or head back to Texas. I am pretty torn! (Mostly for my hubby....he loves it here... I love being closer to family!:)

I just wanted to post some cute things about my babies! The other night we were at the table and my sweet Darby is so concerned about her friends at school. A lot of them swear and she just can NOT handle it! We have tried ignoring it and asking them not to say those words to her but it really really bothers her. I just don't know what to do for her. Max went on to tell me that he never ever swears! Never does he say the "L" word. ???? I had to ask.... "Liar liar pants on fire!" Whew! Sorry I made you say it Max. Then he went on to say he heard the "F" word. I held my breath.... "Faker faker donut maker"! Holy Moly! Then he told me never ever does he say the "CH" word...."Cheater cheater pumpkin eater!" Of course the "S" words "stupid" and "shut-up"! I am so glad that my kiddos are that sweet!

Darby also had to print some goals for Drug Free week! First you had to name what you wanted to do: " I want to be a zoo ceper" Then she had to list 5 steps to get there.
Step 1 : Get some animals
Step 2: Practice
Step 3: Get hired
Step 4: Tell them my terms
Step 5: Start!

She cracks me up! I can't believe that she is turning 9 this Thursday! I sure do love them!


Alison said...

She needs animals, huh? I've got a monkey she can have. Cute, brown fur, eats styrofoam and plastic. Answers to the name of Calvin.

Tiffany said...

Darby will get lots of practice in the Jeffords house!! She needs to clarify exactly what her "terms" are so you can make sure you can meet all of her demands!

Sharlynn said...

Those are some good swear words. As for Darby..Happy bday tomorrow big girl. How fun for her and her terms of what she wants to be. She takes after her momma!

Good luck to figuring out what you will be doing. We can't wait to hear what you end up deciding. Love ya and wish I could see more of ya!