Pioneer Day

While Curtis and Gracie were here we went to the Church Pioneer Day celebration. The kids had TONS of fun. The Stake really put a fun family day together! Darby won the first hula hoop contest and won a medal! That girl can really hula hoop! The medal made all the kids want to compete in EVERYTHING so they could win one too! Max didn't want to color with the rest of the kids, but he sure is cute.
There was no medal for coloring but it was something to do while they set up the other events.
They did a Pioneer Children Parade. Dash thought it was SUPER cool. Curtis wouldn't let me take his picture in it. He was a good sport though and did it along side Dash!
They had potato sack races and 3 legged races. Darby and Gracie won a couple of the 3 legged races.
It was super hard to stay up in the potato sack race but Gracie never quit!
Dash REALLY wanted to win! He was concentrating hard on the finish line!
There was a tug of war. One for the kids. One for the EQ's from each ward and one for the RS of each ward.
I had to jump in because Dash was getting smashed, but not before I got the picture!
Ice Cream cones are always a gig hit and Max really know how to get in and enjoy a cone!
One of the favorites was the pie eating contest. Curtis won the first round and went on to the finals where he won 1st place in the entire primary for our Stake!
I loved his face here because you can tell he is really pleased that he won but he is still trying to play it off as "Cool"!
They both really liked this contest!
Here they are at the end when they had all one a medal!
Dash had a turn but didn't have a chance against Curtis! He still had fun and I think he won a medal for crying the hardest that he didn't get to do the pie eating contest over and over and over again!
Darby and Gracie had a great time here and Gracie actually took first place in the corn eating contest but I didn't get over there fast enough to get a picture of her! Good Job Gracie Bell!

Juliet's first ice cream cone all by her self!
They also let the mommy have a turn. I thought this would be super easy but it was REALLY hard. I can't believe that Curtis did it more than once! Before we left they also had a seed spitting contest. All and all it was tons of fun and I am glad we got to share with Curtis and Gracie!


Alison said...

Ok, your PD looks way way more fun than ours. My kids cry every year when I make them go.

Tiffany said...

I want to see your after pic from the pie eating contest!!

Brandon said...

gorgeous family.

Hil said...