Cousin Fun

While the kids were here we had tons of fun just hangin' out at home. This was a commen scene in the living room. (Thanks Mr. Ford for the PlayStation 2!) The best way to play video games is in your undies! Another FUN past time is to play dress up! I have almost thrown these away a dozen times then the kids pull them out and have tons of fun and I just can't bring myself to do it. Now they are doing musical shows with them! I LOVE the color combinations and I have to say that Dash is by far the BEST poser! I like it much more when he is playing video games in his undies but what are you gonna do!
Love the dangles in the center of the face!
Oh my! is all I can say.
Again, Oh my!


Sharlynn said...

Dang it my kids need to be there dressing up with your kids. You are dang awesome. I loved your comments on my post. It made me miss you even more. I love how you put things you just know how to crack me up! I know you totally would have been there for me. I did survive because life keeps going if you like it or not. Take care babe!

Kimberly said...

I love that kiddo:) and I love that you let him have a blast playing dress-up with his sis... Although Mark says these are the kind of photos that may come back to bite him someday. All I can say is...good times good times!

Giannina said...

So stinkin cute! Yea I found your blog! You can always count on Dash for a good laugh that's for sure!