Happy Happy Birthday Daddy Dear!

Brandon's birthday was July 11th! (7-11...you get free slurpees every year on that day!) We had a big pool party BBQ so he could use his new gift! (A BBQ) We have had soooo much fun having a pool in the back yard. Happy Birthday to one of the coolest daddies/hubbies in the world! Don't splash Aunt Marilynn!

Juliet LOVES the pool!
Brandon with his 2 brothers after a swim! (Nice hair B...or should I say Farrah?)
All the boys in the pool. (Max and Darby have both learned how to swim...one of the perks of a back yard pool!)

I love these next 3 pictures because you can see the boys laughing really hard. B does a thing called "The Eliminator". It's like a ride and it has a whole bunch of settings but it malfunctions a lot so you never really know what you are gonna get. The speed boat, ejected, flushed, etc.


Alison said...

Happy 43 b-day!

b - bo said...

Cut your hair you Hippy! I knew you would go all libby out there.