The Petting Zoo!

While my parents were here my mom took us all to a petting zoo that is down the street. I think this was the best petting zoo I had ever been to! One of the reasons for my parents to come out was to drop off my niece and nephew to spend a few days with us. A summer tradition I hope to keep going for a long time! When the kids were done with the animals they got to play on some old farm equipment. The fun thing about that was that the animals were still all around them!

My mom was AMAZING with the animals! She was like Dr. Doolittle. They loved her! I swear I have never seen anything like it!
You have to have the funny faces! (Darby and Gracie realized that morning that they had the exact same outfits. My brother and I must have the same taste. Everyone asked if I had twins the whole time they were out here and it was even more so when they dressed the same! They loved it and finally just started telling people they were twins!)
Juliet LOVED the animals! You can't really tell but she has one of the baby goats ears in her hand and she was not about to let go.
So cute!

Darby was a little tentative to give the animals the food at first because the animals were sooo bold, but she warmed up to the idea.
Curtis had no problem with any of the animals!
We had to keep this Llama busy or he would follow/chase us for the food! He was very very pesky!
This goat kept trying to get into our purses! My mom/Dr. Doolittle was giving him a little talking to!
They seriously flocked to her and I was the one with the big bucket of food. Maybe they knew she was Nana and all great things come from Nana or Santa!
This goat just hopped up on the stump to get some food!
You can't tell but this is a big ol' pig. Max didn't care for the animals so much. I think he would have been ok but they were really bold!
Dash and the Donkey! (Sounds like a book!)

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