When Curtis and Gracie came to visit, Uncle Brandon got us tickets to the Premier of G-Force. That is one of the GREAT perks of working for Sony. If they have anything to do with the movie they give employees (and immediate family) a chance to screen the movie. Brandon went out of town for the weekend so I took all the kids by myself! It worked out just fine cause the kids were GREAT! The movie was super cute and I liked it even more cause it was free! The movie was in 3-D! The glasses were super cool. Way better than the paper ones we got when we were kids.

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cheri said...

Yeah!! I'm so glad the kids were good for you at the movie. This gives me hope. I haven't been to a movie theater in atleast two years because some of the kids are still too young to make it through two hours of sitting. :) How is the new job going for Brandon?