GG Ma and G Pa

When we were in Utah this summer we visited MY granny and gramps. My kids call them GG Ma and GG pa! They are so cute with them and love having the kids there! Max was so concerned about my Grandpa's oxygen. He asked him tons of questions. It was really cute to see him so worried. My granny has the ugliest dog know to man. She has an underbite and is too skinny. I claimed the dog when my grandparents can't take care of her. As ugly as she is she is an amazing dog and loves the kids.
Juliet loved being there! She thought she was the big Cheese!
My granny has this bedroom set that I have wanted since I was like 12. One day she told me if I wanted it so bad to go put my name on the back of it and I could have when she died. WHAT? That became a joke and now you can to my granny's house and look on the back of pictures and furniture and see names on masking tape. It is funny in a morbid sort of way! Nothing makes you madder to see another cousins name on something you want though! :) I told granny I can't put tape on her dog but I for sure get that ugly thing!
This was Juliet later that day. It was the fourth of July. I thought she looked so cute in her shades. She got a new Barney and wouldn't let it out of her site. She is the only one of my kids that went through a Barney phase (thank Heavens) and we are almost out of it. (only to move on to an equally annoying phase of Elmo....maybe not equally annoying).

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