Sushi Brad!

I LOVE SUSHI! I didn't love it for a long time but it grew on me! I am still a sushi wimp. I don't want anything too scary or too big! We found a sushi place by my moms house that I swear to you has the BEST sushi EVER! It is AMAZING and I live in L.A. where there is some of the best sushi in the world! Our chef that night (and the next) was named Brad. Sushi Brad! I love him. I almost wanted to marry him! (sushi every day!) He was doing things I had never seen before. He even filleted a cucumber and rolled it out and did the sushi in that instead of rice! I LOVE YOU SUSHI BRAD! The last time I went he had left to go to another sushi joint but we fell in love with SUSHI BRANDON! He was a little younger but had just as many skills! I don't even know the name of the place but we call it Sushi Brads! (or Brandons) At any rate, call me if you want to go and will tell you how to get there and what to get! YUM! I can't eat another bite! Oh wait! YES I CAN!
He was even doing amazing thing with the wasabi and the leaves. Trees and snowmen! SO yummy! What is that you ask? A veggie roll! NOT just any veggie roll. avocado, cucumber, tempura ed asparagus, a Japanese pickle and sprouts. I don't even like all those things BUT holy crap I couldn't get enough of them! One of my favorites for sure!

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