Cracker Barrel

Another one of our favorite restaurants is Cracker Barrel! We used to have a tradition that we would eat there on Christmas Eve morning but they don't have them in L.A. We got to go there when we were in Utah for spring break. Yes I said Spring break. IT SNOWED! My kids were sooooooo excited! We had to scrounge around for clothes for them but it was tons of fun! Juliet LOVES my dad. When he is around she won't let him out of her sight and she rarely lets him put her down. He is a sucker for her! I think it's because she looks so much like my mom! She really is obsessed with him! For a while she even slept with a picture of him. I would put it on the fridge and she would take it down every day and put it in her crib.
My kids asked before we left if I thought it would snow. I said no way. They were pretty bummed because this year it snowed 5 or 6 times in Tx. Snow that stuck too. Darby cried on the third snow in Tx. She said it wasn't fair that is snowed a lot AFTER we moved. I secretly prayed for snow for spring break!
My granny and gramps. G-ma and GG pa! They are soooo adorable. I always look at them as invincible! My grandpa taught be how to whistle and snap! I was only 4. He used to take me to get candy when I stayed with them and granny took us to pick asparagus. Then she made us eat it! Sick! She makes the most amazing candy at Christmas and can do almost anything! For real! She can do anything! She taught me how to crochet!
All the grandkids love them but Juliet just wanted to get back to papa!
She's not sad any more! SNOW SNOW SNOW!

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