The Boyers

When we went to Utah over the summer we got to see our Tx friends, the Boyers. I used to babysit Jordyn for a while until she got big enough to go to school. :( We loved having her at our house. One year, on the last day of the school year, Dash pushed Jordyn down on the stairs and bit her on the back! Who bites someone on the back!?!? That year he had bit everyone but Jordyn! NOT ok! Try telling that to someones mom! So sorry, he pinned her down and bit her on the back....the bruising giant bloody teeth marks will turn to bruises in a couple of days, don't worry! Grrrrrr! It's a good thing miss Hilary loves him! We LOVED seeing them in Utah and LOVE that we have tons of memories with them! (not just the bad biting memories!) Dash and Jordyn! They were best buddies for a long time! This is how a lot of their pictures were in the good ol days!
Darby and Cara! Darby LOVED to play with Cara! She was older and wiser (2 years)! They even started a business together! C.A.D.Y.S. Cara and Darby's yard Service. I think that they only serviced the Boyers and our yard. (about 4$) BUT they had HUGE plans for their biz!

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