baby Juliet

I haven't blogged forever so now I have to play catch up before the holidays and the end of the year. SO we are going back in time! These were just some cute little pictures of Juliet in the front yard. It took her FOREVER to walk. She crawled faster than any baby I have ever seen. It didn't matter if she was on grass or cement in shorts or jeans! If we were in the front yard we had to be careful that she wouldn't crawl down the street on the sidewalk. Here she is discovering and taking apart the sprinklers! That's what happens when you are eye level with them! She would usually stop to pick a flower or a weed. It was generally to distract us so she could try to escape down the sidewalk!
"I'll just put this right back here and maybe no one will notice that I took it out!"
"Maybe I will be super cute and charming and they will drop their guards and I can make a crawl for it!" (She still tries this technique a lot.... it usually works!)

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