F.H.E. with Max

So tonight Max was in charge of the lesson. He was very excited. As dinner was coming to an end he excused himself and went to "prepare" a little bit. A few minutes later I saw him coming down the hall with their dry erase board and he was dressed in full church clothes. (He had changed out of pajamas...our after church attire.) Brandon and I just smiled at each other. I love that he was taking his job seriously. I love that he was following an example that Brandon has set. (Brandon changes his clothes when he gives a blessing or has priesthood duties.) I love that he wants to honor a priesthood that one day he will hold.

I don't know that this is the way he will choose to teach every time it is his turn. I am just grateful that for today we saw a sweet reverent boy that wanted to honor his Father in Heaven!

(this is the same kid that has the quote of the day below!) I say it all the time, they make me laugh and cry every day!


Kaela said...

Somehow the time stamp on this entry says 10:46 pm, even though it's 9:04. I am confused! I hope the Wheeler house is like the Jeffords house someday - sounds like fun :)

The Peterson's said...

He is an amazing kid! I am glad that he takes his callings seriously.